Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Breaking the Rules is Chic!

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about lamps outside a house but I love this photo! There is something so surreal about it. Sometimes, you don't have to love a design to appreciate it or the photographer who took a great photo.

This photo by Matthew Hranek is of the Hamptons house of interior designer Kelly Behun of Behun / Ziff and is part of the Break the Rules September issue of House & Garden. I would think using living room style floor lamps outside would definitely be considered breaking the rules. I wonder how many people do a double-take when they drive by!

Kelly got her start working for Ian Schrager's design team and I can see how that would influence her designs. There was a profile of her apartment in New York Magazine a few years back that's definitely worth checking out. Who knew breaking the rules could be so chic!


Sarah Jennings said...

Wow - I checked out the Behun/Ziff website. Very artistic design! But the greatest thing to me is their design of transitional family housing...using your gifts to make the world a better place is the ultimate in chic!

katiedid said...

I usually get my H&G at the same time as my AD! But it hasn't come yet. Drat! I love the lamps. A little surprise as you get to your friend's house for the first time. Or for directions: "You can't miss it...it's the house with the floor lamps out front". Very helpful.

Habitually Chic said...

Katie, you're comment made me laugh out loud! I'm sure the neighbors love the lamps too!

And don't feel bad, I haven't received my H&G subscription issue yet either. I bought mine on the newstand in NYC last Wednesday. I should just cancel all my subscriptions because I end up buying them on the newstand the moment the arrive.

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