Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fabulously Chic Darling!

While I would never consider myself a Versace kind of girl, I have to admit that I'm loving their interior design and furnishings from the Versace Home Collection in the model apartment at the Plaza in New York. I had only seen a tiny little photo in a magazine so I was excited to see House & Garden give it a spread in the September issue.

Interior architect on the project, Gal Nauer, called the collection of black, white and sleek silver "modern yet timeless" and I agree. I'm a sucker for classic details like mouldings mixed with modern furnishings. Apparently the artwork was chosen from ArtLink.

And if I ever become rich and famous enough to own a private jet, I will definitely call on Versace's aircraft interior design service to decorate it. Because it would be fabulously chic darling!

Photos by Francois Dischinger


ASYLUM said...

Donatella is so over the top--you can't help but love her. Her latest ventures show a welcomed restraint, but are still fabulously luxe.

ALL THE BEST said...

I would not consider myself a Versace kind of girl either, but the photos are great...and the plane is so fab!!

Habitually Chic said...

The Versace mansion is right down the street from my office and across the street from Ivana Trump's townhouse. Talk about over the top!

Suzy said...

I am loving those dining chairs, and the bedroom. They are stunning, and not at all what I would expect from Versace.

franki durbin said...

I love Donatella. She take a beating in in some circles because she is so misunderstood. But I don't want my wealthy billionaire heirs to fortune and glamour to live in the same world I do. I love that the house of Versace has always invited others to join THEIR world, not expected their designs to live in ours. They are celebrating a lifestyle. Gorgeous images, love!

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