Friday, August 10, 2007

Orange You Glad it's the Weekend?!

I'm sooo glad it's the weekend! This week has been crazy! I originally started my blog because I was a bit bored at work but now things are picking up and I'm swamped! But it's all good. Actually, it would be better if I sat at the desk above and had a view of the park! How fabulously chic is that?! It was featured in the June 2007 issue of House and Garden and was part of a feature on the firm Janson Goldstein photographed by Nikolas Koenig. While the rest of the apartment is a bit too white and modern for me, I'm loving the study and that desk!

Right now, I'm off to meet with a photographer who is going to be shooting some of our finally finished projects for a walkthrough of an apartment in the Time Warner Building. And next week, I have some fun and exciting surprises in store for you! Until then, bon weekend!


Brilliant Asylum said...

What a view! Looking forward to your posts next week.

franki durbin said...

oh, yes. I'd definitely rather be enjoying the view over the park from that fab desk. tres fabulously chic!

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