Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's Fashion Week!!!

Today is the first day of Fashion Week! The best week of the whole year to be a girl in New York! There are so many shows, events and parties. Everyone is on top of their style game. It's fabulous!!!

In honor of this special week, I've decided to dedicate all of my posts to the chicest stylemakers in the fashion world. And who could be chicer than the Grand Dame of them all, Carolina Herrera! I've had the opportunity to meet her a few times and she's utterly impeccable and so gracious. I actually walked to Bergdorf Goodman in a blizzard to make it to her book signing! Ok, it was only a block but still, I wasn't about to let a little snow stop me from getting to my style idol. Hopefully, Ms. Herrera will inspire you to be a stand up straighter and be a little chicer today too!


style court said...

Huge CH fan here! Love the image you used.

BTW: on another note, Paris Hotel Boutique has the Osa Johnson sequel with giraffe cover. Good luck! said...

She is a very elegant lady and an excellent role model.

Jackie Von Tobel said...

I've always wanted to be her or at least have her wardrobe - and be able to fit into it!! Such a classic beauty!

ALL THE BEST said...

What a great week to be in New York. CH is as fabulous as they come!

Alice Olive said...

Agree with everyone - Carolina is truly chic. I love the white shirt discipline too!

Sarah Jennings said...

Beautiful picture of Carolina. I also noticed the zebra console; I could never pull that off in my house, but it is gorgeous in hers.

Habitually Chic said...

I love the stories her daughters tell of traveling with their mother and how she always looks impeccible even after a long haul flight or a camel ride in the desert. There is no way I could wear a white shirt everyday and look as good as she does! She's very impressive!

franki durbin said...

How could she not inspire? She is the epitome of chic. Like DVF, Carolina shows us that travel need not be anything less than glamorous. She is always fit, trim and impeccably put together. Here's to fashion week!

Anonymous said...

Carolina Herrera,her clothes are effortlessly elegant,so feminine and so glamorous!

Did you enjoy the Oscar de la Renta collection?

Whom else do you admire in fashion?

RJH dl H

Habitually Chic said...

Hi RJH dl H,

I thought the Oscar de la Renta collection was amazing! It looks like safari was the biggest trend to come out of Spring 2008 fashion week.

I admire and yearn to wear so many designers. I thought the Michael Kors and J. Mendel shows were really beautiful. I always love Thakoon, Peter Som and Derek Lam. And I wear a lot of Phillip Lim because I can afford his clothes.

When you love fashion, it's pretty hard to narrow your favorites down. I can find something fabulous from every collection. I just need to start working harder so I can actually buy them soon!

Anonymous said...

Ciao HB,

Sorry,but I do not know your name!

I must say you have a very keen and chique eye for fashion.

So looking forward to London Fashion Week followed by Milan and Paris.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Kind Regards,

RJH dl H

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