Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Charlotte Moss Townhouse Happenings

I just received this interesting email from the fine folks over at The Charlotte Moss Townhouse. It's entirely too hot in New York for me to even think about Christmas shopping yet but it's never too hot to buy clothes. I may have to take a walk over and check out the new dresses!


RJH d l H said...

How about a little black dress,simple but oh so elegant!

You will look like a princess.

Add a bit of chunky jewlery and a bit of colour as in a great pashmina,shawl and viola!Oh and a great smile,that is the very best accessory!

Habitually Chic said...

RJH dl H, I pretty much wear a dress everyday here in New York. It's so weird to be at a party and see someone wearing jeans. They seem so out of place now except for the weekend.

Alice Olive said...

What is it about dresses? Why are they so enticing? Why can I not stop buying, oops, investing in them?!

Style Court said...

I envy you for being so close to the Townhouse :)

Habitually Chic said...

Alice Olive, I cannot stop buying or wearing dresses! I think it's the ease of just throwing one on. No need to worry about finding a skirt and a top or having your blouse come untucked all day. What's that Diane von Furstenberg line again, "wear a dress, feel like a woman." I agree!

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