Friday, July 11, 2008

Bon Weekend!

It's been a very long hard week and I wish I was sitting next to this pool right now. Maybe if I put it on my inspiration board, it will become a reality. Until then, I'm signing off for a few days. Bon Weekend!


maison21 said...

enjoy your time off, chic!

Susan said...

Heather...enjoy...I, too, am getting away - heading to the shores of Lake Michigan...Michigan side.

letting things slide

pve design said...

What a chic spot. I would love to take a dip, relax with a good stack of magazines and finish my book!
Must be in Italy!

Emma @ White & Wander said...

Fabulous pool! For once, a pool that isn't showing off, just happily tucked behind the house without being the centre of attention! Happy weekend x

Edith said...

Oh wow. Where is this? Looks like Tuscany or South of France... Either way it's divine.

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