Friday, August 22, 2008


I wish this was my house and my car and more importantly I wish I was there right now!

Photo by George Ross for Hamptons Cottages and Gardens


Be the change..... said...

I love all those decks on the house and what a beautiful car!!!

karina said...

I wish it, too.
I wish living in a country where you can drive a car like that.
I drive with my windows closed because I am afraid of being robbed.

morrismore said...

My favorite car of all time! Even though I love my car, every time I see this, I am so envious. Unfortunately, one of our neighbors has this car, so I'm a little green a couple of times each week.

Anonymous said...

you can get an overpriced version of this car for about 28,000, i saw it at that place in the west village with the vintage cars.

FancyPants-design said...

Oh I am with you!! Both are perfect!!!!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

this is perfection! and i would do just about everything to get out of my fluorescently-lit cubicle...would you like to trade links?

DCLaywer said...

Funny...the first things I noticed were the elegant mock carriage doors and what appears to be a generous stone or brick driveway.

mandco said...

Me too! That is the most perfect house and car!! Wonder what it looks like inside...mmmm

marilisa said...

yuo are always my inspiration....
love mary

Habitually Chic said...

Be the Change - It is a pretty fabuous house!

Karina - I dream of driving a convertible everyday in the summer. Seems like great fun!

Morrismore - Classic cars are all over the Hamptons. I'm always envious too!

Anonymous - I've already posted bout Cooper Classic Cars but I would never buy a care in NYC. It's asking to be overcharged.

Fancypants - Maybe we can share them!

Cupcakes - I don't work in a cubicle but I do feel the pain of being trapped in an office most days :-(

DC Lawyer - Almost all the fancy houses in the Hamptons have beautiful stone driveways. They look really elegant.

M&Co - I think there were some interior photos in the magazine but it was the outside that caught my eye!

Marilisa - Thanks!!!

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