Thursday, September 4, 2008

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!

When James Saavedra of Decor Fellow asked me to be a part of the debut issue of Fellow, his online magazine, I was very flattered and excited to participate and now that I've seen the finished product, I'm completely blown away! It is more professional than a lot of magazines on the newsstand! I know you will also love it! Inside is an amazing interview with Vicente Wolfe, a city guide to Seattle, some inspired styles, a few fabulous floor lamps and oh, my little list of what I need for a "well lived life." James did such an outstanding job that he's going to make everyone in the blog world step up their game! He's truly one amazing fellow!!!


Camilla @ Designalogue said...

He truly IS a jolly good fellow! What a brilliant magazine!
It easily tops alot of Australian shelter mags -sad but true!

DCLawyer said...

At first glance,

-The music recommendations on page 7 are excellent...I'll need to explore some of the further;

-There's also some startling good advice on page 46;

-A trip to Seattle has been moved up "the list."

I'll need to print this out and peruse it more closely when time permits.

Decor Fellow: James Saavedra said...

You're too sweet Habitually Chic! One can only try to produce a great product and it helps to have fantastic input from fab individuals like yourself... enjoy your weekend...(Im certain you'll be very busy!) said...

You are so stylish! I absolutely love the fact that you are in this debut issue. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am your biggest fun. Mar Tenas i Bastida

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Excellent! Thank you for bringing the Fellow to my attention. I'm looking forward to my first read-through.

holly said...

So what's on your little list?
Looking forward to FELLOW- thanks for the scoop!

kay* said...

thanks for sharing! i read the entire issue cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. looking forward to the next issue.

holly said...

This is a GEM, I love it!
Thanks for the tips, the pointers, the tunes, the great design...I can't wait to read more!

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