Monday, September 22, 2008

Houses in My Heart

I had no idea that Carleton Varney had a new book about to be published entitled, Houses of My Heart: Carelton Varney, an International Decorator's Colorful Journey! Carleton seems like a pretty colorful character so I can only imagine the stories he has to tell!

Carleton's son, Nicholas Varney, a fabulous jewelry designer, also has a new collection of babbles inspired by fabrics like damask and tweed that are beyond chic, as are the prices. You can check them out at Bergdorf's this fall and then pick yourself up the more reasonably priced book by Carleton! Happy Decorating!


elly e said...

O those Varneys...
Still missing one HC. Still working on it!

Also, there is an article about Nicholas, Carleton and Sebastian in the October issue of W Magazine. Check it out.

Habitually Chic said...

Elly - Ha! I thought maybe if he saw that his father and brother were getting some press he would finally relent!

By the way, can you get us on the list for the launch party at BG this October???

nancy said...

What a lovely post - Books, prints, jewelry and even a poem and an inspiring image for Autumn - thanks!

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