Friday, December 12, 2008

Bon Weekend!

I'm off to get my hair done today because you can't start the next chapter of your life with your roots showing! I want to thank everyone who took the time to leave a comment or email me this week. I really appreciate your support and encouragement and I can't to share all my new advertures with you! Bon Weekend!

Photo: John Barrett Salon designed by David Collins - don't worry, I go to a much less expensive salon!


Ivy Lane said...

Have a GREAT weekend Heather!!!

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Oh darling, I should be doing the same! Have a wonderful weekend dear! xoxo

Tina said...

have a great weekend, enjoy being pampered!

knitseashore said...

A new reader de-lurking to say thank you for your upbeat, stylish attitude in spite of your job loss. Your Audrey Hepburn photos especially cheered me up -- I am a member of the newly unemployed as well.

I second your trip to the salon to get your hair done as a great way to move forward. Did the same myself on Wednesday and it felt wonderful. Enjoy!

Renee Finberg said...


it is not how you feel,


it may sound sad and shallow, but let's face it, it is kinda' true.

you just go on out there
and be Fab-Boo !!

big hug,

Inspiration said...

Have a great weekend! Thanks for the all the cool design inspiration- your enthusiasm really shines through your blog! :)
Cheers, Leslie.

hello gorgeous said...


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