Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pierre Frey in New York

When I returned from Paris, I ran into Pierre Frey (the grandson of THE Pierre Frey) at a party and told him that I can't believe he chooses to live in New York when he could be living in the most gorgeous city in the world! He actually only lives here half the year but that didn't stop him from setting up a home that reflects his family heritage.

The apartment was originally shot for Domino but we all know what happened there so it ended up being published in the October 2009 issue of New York Spaces magazine.

Pierre chose a Nolita loft where he could mix industrial and traditional pieces. This 25 drawer piece was bought from the loft's previous owners and hold fabric samples as well as clothing.

Of course, Pierre Frey fabrics on are full display such as on this screen that hides the kitchen.

It's clear that wherever Pierre hangs his hat is home! Personally, I would rather hang my hat in Paris so maybe I can convince him to let me live in his Paris apartment while he is in New York!

Photos by Paul Costello


Karena said...

Heather, what a treat to run into Grandson Pierre in NY and especially to see the showroom and archives while in Paris. The fabrics are amazing. The colors on most have not faded at all!

Greet said...

Pierre Frey has really beautiful fabrics! I work a lot with these fabrics!
How nice you have met Pierre Frey!


Rmalik said...

A very cool apartment. Although I must say that I think that NYC is beautiful! Of course, I only visit there a few times a year (from DC) so maybe it is easier for me to appreciate:). Thanks for sharing these pics and the pics from Paris!

Erin said...

LOVE his home in NYC (LOVE NYC too...)

Urban Flea said...

I wish I was still at Domino when they shot this... it's so beautiful. I love the fabric as art in the living area. Glad to see it was still published!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Jen @ GreetQ.com said...

I had a similar conversation with someone who'd migrated from Paris to Seattle. I remember him saying something profound about his choice... Something like 'the grass isn't always greener...' Honestly I can't remember what he said but whatever it was I still wanted to take his apartment in Paris.

TheCluelessCrafter said...

It's a bit masculine for me, but I can still appreciate Frey's aesthetic. It goes with the space.

jones said...

Using the Paris apartment while he is in NY sounds like a great idea! Good luck.

Zia Meadows said...

so lovely to see that apartment I loved the rough edges with the glamorous cloth, and the Pierre Frey archives are so lovely, I really enjoyed that post

thomas said...

Great space! I wish I lived in NYC. Let's switch.

HudsonGoods.com said...

that is a great industrial drawer piece, really cool.

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