Friday, January 8, 2010

Sister Parish Design: On Decorating

I was in High Point this past October when Sister Parish Design: On Decorating was released so I missed the fun launch party at Gerald Bland Antiques. I did stop by after though to pick up a copy and I am enjoying it immensely! The premise is similar to Mark Hampton On Decorating which was the inspiration but in this case, other interior designers, many of whom worked at Parish-Hadley, give the decorating advice. I'm often asked for recommendations for books that give good practical design advice and I can say that this one is now at the top of my list! I loved reading anecdotes from Mario Buatta, Albert Hadley, Bunny Williams, and Miles Redd, among others!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Gerald Bland's wife, Mita Corsini Bland painted the beautiful watercolor interiors for the book and they are just gorgeous! They were actually displayed for sale at the book party and if you're lucky, they might actually have a few left!

Sister Parish's Living Room

Albert Hadley's Bedroom

Todd Romano's Living Room

Mrs. Astor's Library Designed by Albert Hadley

Room Designed by Paul Wiseman

Room Designed by Bunny Williams

Room Designed by Miles Redd

Watercolors by Mita Corsini Bland for Sister Parish Design: On Decorating
Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Gorgeous! What I would give to have one of Mrs. Bland's watercolors hanging on my wall. I have (and love) Mark Hampton on Decorating and will now have to run out and buy Sister Parish Design. You always convince me to make the purchase! I can't wait to read all the tips from Bunny and Albert and Miles (as if we're on a first name basis---hah!).
XX Kate

Ms Smart said...

great art. the painting have such spirit and energy.

maison21 said...

yikes! another book on my never ending list of must owns. lovely art too.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I went to the book signing here in dc at John Rosselli and got to meet Mita (who was so lovely and sweet!) and the 2 authors. 3 such talented and gracious women! This book is a fun and informative read -i can't recommend it enough either: you'll want to devour each page!

Teresa Hatfield said...

Beautiful watercolors. The colors remind me of parisian art.

There you go again teasing me with decor by Miles Redd. I love this man!

annechovie said...

Mita's work is amazing, Heather - love her eye for detail. Have a great weekend and keep warm!

Picture of Elegance said...

Wonderful renderings. I will definitely buy the book

Town and Country Mom said...

Loved reading Sister, the biography of Mrs. Parish by her daughter, Apple Parish Barlett, and granddaughter, Susan Bartlett Crater. Looking forward to adding this one to my collection, as well. Thanks for the recommendation.

Paula Grace Designs said...

These paintings are lovely. Great detail.

Habitually Chic said...

Kate - I know! Evey time I see her watercolors, I want to buy one! But the book will have to do for now. Hope you enjoy it too!

Ms. Smart - so much more fun than photgraphy too!

Christian/Maison21 - I have so many books on my list and no more room!

Stefan/Architect Design - so glad to hear that you made it to the book signing! How fun!

Teresa - Miles is amazing! I love him too!

Annechovie - So glad you like her too!

Picture of Elegance - you will love it!

Town & Country Mom - I just pulled out my copy last week! I can't wait to read that one too!

Paula Grace - I agree!

Chiaroscuro said...

Heather - help! Can you tell me who was the artist on the stunning painting of the white bird with just a touch of orange on the head? Who's home is it?

Please! I love that painting! Great post, by the way! Thanks for always putting sunshine my my day.

dkb said...

To Chiaroscuro: The artist of the painting you inquired about is the great wildlife painter Tony Henneberg. His website is That painting is a favorite of mine as well!

Chiaroscuro said...

Thank you, "dkb", for identifying the painting and artist. Your thoughtfulness and sharing is very much appreciated!

Absolutely, swoon-worthy artwork!

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