Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Hear It for the Boys: J.Crew Men's Shop

The Upper East Side just got a whole lot more dashing now that the new J.Crew Men's Shop just opened up.  The store is located on the corner of Madison Avenue and 79th Street, conveniently right across from the Women's Collection store.  The interiors were inspired by the "400 year old farm dwellings of the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps" but reenvisioned in more formal way.  The entire store is covered in knotty pine panels and moldings that make it smell a little manly and outdoorsy.  But there aren't just plaid shirts and puffer vests at this shop, they also offer the entire line of J.Crew suits.   The building was once a bank and the vault is now filled with all the acccoutremenevts a man could ever need including Alden shoes, grooming products and even a stapler or two.  I want to know which lucky J.Crew staffer has the job of sourcing all the amazing vintage books and props.  The accessories add to already chic environment and make me wish I had a boyfriend so that I could shop at the J.Crew Men's Shop everyday.  But maybe if I hang around it long enough I can find one!  Happy Shopping!

J.Crew Men's Designer Frank Muytjens

J.Crew Personal Shopper Dante

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic


Kirby said...

Cool! Thanks for all the pics. The store looks great!

a lovely being said...

BEAUTIFUL! I have to email this post to my boyfriend.. he'll die (so happy he has good taste!). thank you for uploading :)
xx fallon

P.S. -- I think that the J.Crew Men's Shop would be the perfect place to find a boyfriend!

Charlotte Minty said...

I can only admire JCrew from afar and get my USA relatives to bring my requests out here to New Zealand for me. Great post - so nice to see the store's interior.
That leather chair you took a close up of is awesome - do you know what it is or where I source it?
Thanks Heather and keep up the good work.

ST said...

Lovit! Wish you could post some pictures from the "TAKE IVY" book from Powerhouse. Can't seem to find a copy.

Keep up the good work and the great tweets!

Scott Taylor
Washington, DC

Filia Artis said...

I'll take one Dante, please. In medium, and I don't care if he's on sale or not!



Grant K. Gibson said...

It looks like I need to go shopping! One stop shop and I am all set for fall!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

such a fab post! i just love menswear! xo

Ron said...

To bad the shop is not around the corner from where I live. It has all the goodies I want and need.
It needs to be said....Heather, you take very good photo's! Some have seriously professional vignettes and angles.
Ron (Empel collections)

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Great photos, but you should read The Trad for another take on this store.

Foodie said...

Heather-Your comment on The Trad's blog was perfect!! I love you even more today than I did yesterday!!

Habitually Chic said...

Kirby - Welcome! It is even better in person!

A Lovely Being/Fallon - Thanks! If you can't find me, I'll be at J.Crew! Ha!

Charlotte Minty - Net-a-porter sells some J.Crew pieces and they might ship to New Zealand but I'm not exactly sure. I am also not exactly sure about the leather chair but all the other accessories and artwork are vintage so I am pretty sure it is as well. I'll try to find out though.

ST/Scott - I did post some photos from Take Ivy. Did you miss my post? The Trad blog also scanned and posted almost the whole book so you can see most of it there. Definitely pre-order the book because they've had a huge response!

Filia Artis/CA - Hahahaha! I love your comment! It made me laugh out loud mostly because I was thinking the same thing! And not only is Dante handsome but he was so sweet in person!

Grant - You will love the store! We must stop there on your next visit!

Ashlina - me too! Thanks!

Ron - I think you need to plan a trip to NYC! Thanks for the photo compliments too! Photography is my new passion!

Sir Flopling Flutter - I met The Trad and was there when he was speaking with Frank Muytjens, the head of Men's Design, yesterday. I also left a comment so you can read my thoughts on it.

Foodie - Awwwww! You made me blush! Thanks!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

The staplers and John Derian paperweights---I die! Not a detail was spared. Love that.

xx Katie

Jan Jessup said...

Hi, Heather--
Over the weekend I was in a chi-chi new J. Crew store in Wilmington, Delaware (women's and men's clothing). As I passed the women's blouses, shirts, sweaters and jackets--ALL with their sleeves rolled up into big fabric donuts at bicep height--it was all I could do to resist UNROLLING some of them! It's really a little too much and the clothes start to look like fashion victims.

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