Thursday, August 19, 2010

Profile in Style: Aerin Lauder

One of my favorite summer things that I mentioned in my feature on Tory Burch's blog is Estee Lauder Self Tanner so it was fun to see all of Aerin Lauder's favorite things in T Magazine today.  I love the bar in her apartment above but what I am dying over are the custom make up bags that she designs for her friends.  Check them out here.  Oh, and the  Twombly's not bad either!


The Wool Acorn said...

Oooh.... I got a chance to see Estee Lauder's office in NYC back in the 1980's. I was at Syracuse University and my Advertising class got to go for some kind of special tour. It was spectacular! Every bit of it was done in blue and white... add that to a spectacular view from a stunning window... and truly, I never forgot it!

jones said...

The Twombly and the bar are the height of beauty and sophistication. I would (personally) like to the the framing on the Twombly kicked up just a notch or two to balance the mass of the cabinet--otherwise, I think it is perfect. Mary

Style Chronicle said...

I have a mild Aerin obsession. Her style is impeccable!

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