Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Club Monaco at Shopbop

Club Monaco is one of my favorite retailers in New York.  I always know I can find great clothing and accessories that don't scream where I bought them.  I would always feel bad about posting my favorite pieces on Habitually Chic though because not many of my readers have access to their stores but all that has changed today.  Shopbop has partnered with Club Monaco to offer their fabulous fall collection for sale online.  I attended the launch party last night and am already eyeing that plaid coat above.  It would be perfect for the cooler temperatures today.  I'll leave the over the knee socks to you tall skinny girls! Happy Shopping!

Photos from Club Monaco


Grant K. Gibson said...

I love "The Club" as I call it.
Everyone always comments on clothes from here.
Stylish, well priced and made very well! said...

You are so right about Club Monaco -- the clothes are just stylish, without having an obvious look.

I just read your piece on Gloria Vanderbilts house -- what a beautiful retreat. I love the fireplace.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Yes, i get about 75% percent of my clothes there -so glad they'll finally be available online for when they don't have the size I need!
A girl here at work has the long over the knee socks on today with a short skirt....all I can think is it looks TRASHY! Not a fan.

Karena said...

Very excited to see what they offer, I love the images above!

Art by Karena

Acquired Objects said...

Love the clothes so I'll have to go have a look. That plaid coat is wonderful!

Filia Artis said...

My most prized possession of 1996 (I was in grade 6) was my Club Monaco logo sweatshirt.

I even wore it on picture day.

I wonder if I should have kept it as a vintage item?...


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Love this post! If only I could look like that in sneakers, haha.

a Broad said...

When we lived in NYC .. we used to go to Montreal once a year and I loved shopping at Club Monaco.. then I did a little shopping one year at "the Club" in Paris :)
They had lipstick then that I miss to this day !

Suzy said...

I'm so thankful we have Club Monaco in Hong really is a great option for well priced clothing and accessories...and I always get comments on pieces I buy there.

my name is ish said...

Thank you for sharing! Club Monaco used to be one of my favorite stores before they were bought out by Ralph Lauren (?) and the quality declined. Still, I'm fully with you on loving that their clothes are basic and don't scream out where you got them. I used to live very close to one of their shops in NY and shopped there a lot. I now live in Oakland (I haven't seen a Club Monaco for years) and am thrilled to have access to their clothes again (I only hope the quality has improved)!

Don said...

Yay, Club Monaco! A company created by a Canadian retail legend, Joe Mimran. I was obsessed with Club Monaco in high school during the 90s. It's always been my go-to shop to buy fashionable clothing that work at any age.

I worked at their swanky Yorkville Store in Toronto for a few years while in college and LOVED the culture of the company. While I was sad that another Canadian retailer was bought out by a US firm, I quickly changed my mind when the selection and fashion-forwardness increased under Ralph Lauren's direction.

Happy to see that more people are able to enjoy Club Monaco!

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