Thursday, January 27, 2011

One of those days

Today was one of those days.  Not terrible but not great.  After I decided on what to write about, I realized that two people recently posted the same topics.  Then I decided to go for a walk and encountered slush puddles on each street corner that were almost as tall as me.  So we're taking the night off.  Until then, I leave you with this photo that I cannot find a credit for anywhere.  Does anyone know its origin or designer?  As one of my readers so thoughtfully pointed out once, I can't know everything about everything.  Thanks!


Joanie said...

I love that you were so honest about being too pooped to write post! Yes! Finally someone said it! Love it. Thank you for your honesty ~ Joanie Ballard, MAISON de BALLARD

Karena said...

Heather I would love to know about the photo as well. It is a wonderful room!

Art by Karena

Ali@ said...

Great white cocktail table!! I love this room!

Sheri @ Design Pop Interiors said...

That's so funny! The same thing happened to me today! I was all set to do this great post on Abstract Art and there it was - right on the "Blogs I'm Watching"! So much for that one! I'm glad I saw it though! Oh well, sometimes we have to give our brains a rest.
Have a great night.

camdesign said...

As you said (Today was one of those days. Not terrible but not great.)
This whole week has been weird but not terrible... I gave in on the week at 2:30 this afternoon and went home, think to fix it I will work from home tomorrow if we get the snow they say we are going to get... it has been spring hear for the last 6 days (people in shorts and t shirts everywhere) but we are 1 1/2 hours from the rocky mountains so it is possible to turn back to winter in 30 minutes or so...
Hope your Friday is great!
Regards, Carol Ann (Calgary, Alberta)

Clever Confidante by Julie Webber said...

I look forward to your posts all the time and the fact that you are so real makes it even better! Keep up the good work-a single pic from a tired you is still better than most! Julie

Tabitha said...

I hope the weekend is better than yesterday for you.
Thanks for posting.

Judy said...

You poor thing, just seen the news here downunder (Australia) and you are all snowed in - suggest you cuddle up and keep warm!
Pooped and cold - I can relate.
Thanks for all the great posts, I love it all - having lived in NYC for a couple of years I adore keeping up with your emails and can appreciate what you are feeling.
Thank you Judy

Cupcake said...

A slump I think it's called! No, don't know the origin but it's very uplifting with the white wash.

Marina said...

Hi Heather... we all have those kinda days and taking the night off to regroup is the best remedy!

I have this image saved in my favourites also and it has been shot at a different angle, but I recognised it instantly. I've credited it from

Hope this helps and your weekend turns out better than Friday!

Christina said...

Dear Heather,

I too had the exact type of day yesterday.

I read your blog everyday and it truly brings a smile to my face.

I have never commented before but I just wanted to say thank you for your insightful, interesting and inspiring blog!

And thank goodness it's Friday!

Enjoy the weekend, you earned it!

-Tina, Upper East Side.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

omg i have an entire post ready for next week about the Barcelona chairs - IN LOVE!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

pretty pink tulips said...

We all have those days! Sometimes it's best not to fight it.

Hope today is better....and good luck with the Feb 1 event with Kravet. I can't attend but hope to meet you somewhere else along the way.

~ Elizabeth

jones said...

Hi Heather, I don't know a thing about the room--except that I love it......perfect mix. So much snow in NYC and so cold. Stay warm and dry. Mary

kim c said...

Yep, it happens. I've had a rough winter with a few set backs healthwise, but what got me through was that - tomorrow is another day.

Take care, Heather!


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Everyone has days of fatigue, burn-out or quite simply writer's block.
It's important to take some time for yourself -- step back, reposition, reevaluate.
Fret not, your devoted readers aren't going anywhere ;)
Cheers and bon weekend, Alcira

Sherri Blum, CID said...

Must have been something in the alignment of the stars...I've had a couple of "blah" days too and feel for ya!
Take a deserve it! And I'm sure you'll come back refreshed and revived!

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

Let me just say that as a writer of a blog and a reader of many, many blogs I so appreciate the fact that you chose not to publish a post that others had chosen. There are many days when I skip over blogs because the topic is identical to five other blogs that day including the photos used. I can never figure out why this there some resource in blogland that I am not aware of. Anyway, again I appreciate your conscientious manner and hope tomorrow is a better day. After all, it's Friday!

Sandra said...

This weather has really been a drag this year, enough to make you want to stay in bed. Instead since we know we can't we need to seek alternative things to do. Maybe you should come on up to Toronto this weekend to check out the Interior Design Show.

D. Bryant Archie said...

Great room. It looks like Darryl Carter...but not sure.
We're all entitled to "one of those days" every now and again. Have a good weekend.

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