Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is Social Media?

What is social media and how can it help the design community?  That's the question we'll be discussing next week with Kravet at the NYDC.  Hope you can make it! 


Luciane at said...

Wow! Yesterday I was thinking that I wish go to NYC for something like that, to learn more about blogging and I know I'll be doing that next year. Unfortunately, I have too many things going on here, so I can't travel right now, but it would wonderful to meet you.

I hope this will be a success for you and the other girls!

Have a great day, Heather.


Luciane at

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Jennifer Powell said...

Can't wait for this event!

Rebekah said...

Hope this is a great success for you, Heather!

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Looks like it will be an informative event. I wish I could attend.

Ellen Ross said...

wish i could be there. looks fun and interesting!!

Ellen Ross
Ask Away Advice Blog

Linda Pakravan said...

It should be great and I encourage every designer to attend. Especially with Heather on the panel! I went to a similar event at the Boston Design Center last September and went home that night and started a blog!

honey living said...

i wish i could be there! i hope you'll share some of the headline points after the event.

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