Friday, April 8, 2011

Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter

I am still editing all my photos from High Point but decided to take a break today.  While catching up on my favorite websites, I was excited to read on that there is a book about to be released about my favorite artist Joan Mitchell. While I absolutely love Joan Mitchell's abstract paintings, I just realized that I don't know much about her life. Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter by Patricia Albers won't be out until May 3rd so I'll have to wait until then to read it...unless Knopf wants to send me an advance copy as a birthday present.  I have no shame when it comes to a subject I love!  Bon Weekend!


Luciane at said...

Oh, that will be a great book! Can't wait!

Have a great weekend, Heather.


Luciane at

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes, her abstract works are stunning. I love the naivistic approach she takes to it and many of her creations remind me of Jackson Pollock's works.

Here's an article you might enjoy, until you get the book.

x Charlotta

BestofDesign said...

Heather-You really have some great posts that educate! I feel like I broaden my horizons reading your blog---Joan Mitchell sounds like such an interesting person to read about and images of her art are beautiful.. I wonder if the author of the book is any relation to Josef and Anni Albers?
Thanks to Charlotte for further info--I'll read that too!

laughingsalmon said...

i love the work of Joan Mitchell...Really moving and emotional...I look forward to buying and reading a copy of her biography...But I'll have to wait and read the review from my favy blog...Habitually Chic..nudge-nudge Knopf

Karena said...

Her paintings are astounding, and I love reading books on artists and their lives!

Art by Karena

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