Friday, April 1, 2011

Revisiting the Art of James Nares

I wrote about artist James Nares shortly after a began my blog which was almost three and a half years ago.  Since then, his work has shown up in many more publications.  I love seeing how great his flowing calligraphy brush stroke art looks in such a variety of interiors.  What's even more interesting is James Nares suspends himself to paint them.  I think I might have to see if he's open to a studio visit!  Bon Weekend!

John Barrett residence from Elle Decor

Todd Alexander Romano via New York Social Diary

Josie Natori from Elle Decor

Baroness Bruno de Pampleonne

Michael Rosenberg and Assoc.

Foley & Cox

Alexandra von Furstenberg

Kara Mann

Laura Day via Lonny

Michael Smith

Blue Carreon

“It’s a fine balance between design and the thing making itself happen. The stroke has to have complete precision to work. Sometimes I lose it on the exit. You can’t fudge it. It ruins the whole thing.” The resulting figures are almost always contained within the rectangle. “It’s less of a window if I keep it within the confines of the canvas, but there’s almost always a drip that’s an umbilical cord.” - James Nares


Denise said...

I am entranced by his artwork. Enjoy your weekend.

meenal bishnoi said...

i love the work of james original and striking...its amazing how well it works in all the different settings..thanks for the lovely post heather..have a lovely visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal

Diane James Home said...

What fantastic paintings! We did a Naomi Leff apartment in NYC and I now recognize an incredible red paiting in the front hall as a James Nares. Thank you for profiling him (and making me a bit smarter!)

jones said...

I love this work. I am speechless. thanks. Mary

Perry said...

The right piece of artwork can make all the difference in an interior. Nares' work initially strikes me as the kind of art that makes people say, "My 3rd grader could do that!" But when you really look at the movement of the paint (and if you've ever spent ANY time actually painting) you realize how much skill goes into his work. Thanks for posting!

Black Zebra said...

This is Crazy! just this afternoon I was browsing through an old Vogue Living Mag ,when I came across a beautiful Parisian apartment designed by Rose Anne de Pampelonne. There was a painting by James Nares and I found myself wondering how he paints,since the pressure of the stroke looks really soft and light. Now I know! Thanks for the post! x

Big Hug Studio said...

I love his work, these are beautiful.
Great art always features in great interiors.

abode love said...

I am so glad that you did a post about this amazing artist! I wondered how he got that angle on such large surfaces! Who knew he was in the "mission impossible" stance!

His work is gorgeous- so fresh, so simple. I wish I owned a piece!

Hellohello baby said...


I was thinking that the paintings looks like figures from another dimention.

I am scrolling down, and what do I see? A weightless man doing calligraphy.....

Blissful moment.

The enchanted home said...

So neat....though its not the kind of art I would immediately be drawn these rooms its quite specatcular and offers just the right amount of color and wow factor and focal point. Beautiful....very fresh, simple but again has the power to wow you.

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Always loved his work and these rooms are great

Karena said...

I must read more bout James art. I have always loved it. Seeing so many pieces at once it almost appears on some that they are a laquer or enamel on panel. So striking.

Thanks Heather.Have fun at High Point.

Art by Karena

dating said...

Wow, these portraits are really amazing! Very beautifully.

Ali said...

These are incredible... and what a fun way to create a masterpiece!

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