Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chic Beach Resorts and Bathing Beauties

Hope everyone remembers to wear sunscreen this weekend!

Grace Kelly

Deauville 1959 by George Dambier

Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief

St. Tropez by Slim Aarons

John Rawlings


Slim Aarons

Tom Palumbo

John Rawlings

Elizabeth Taylor

Massimo Vitali

Richard Misrach

George Dambier

Mara Lane at the Sands 1954 by Slim Aarons

Biarritz by Slim Aarons

John Rawlings

George Dambier

Lily Pons at Cap Ferrat 1957 by Slim Aarons


Francine Gardner said...

These were the days...I then took it for granted to spend my yearly three month vacations in all the above places...Times have changes but i will admit that I still do not wear sunscreen, need my vitamin D!
have a great week end.

Natasha said...

Beautiful post!
Will you be at the shore??

Northern Light

Jenny D said...

Love, love, love you post!I'm fortunate enough to recognize several of these incredible summer spots; Cannes, Positano, Capri, etc....

I have been sending energy out to the Universe to get our family over to Europe this summer. Your blog post has just furthered along my hopes and dreams. Merci!

Belle de Ville said...

I love these iconic images. They capture a specific subculture perfectly.

The enchanted home said...

Love this post. This is such an elegant throwback to really classy sophisticated ways. Look what is glorified now..The Jersey Shore..yuck, makes my skin crawl. Between the loations, the glamorous people, the chic settings and overall sophisticated vibe, that seems to sadly be a thing of the past, this post is something that takes us all back to a very special time and place. Just beaufiful!

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

Happy Holiday Weekend to you!
Check this out:

I emailed you yesterday from Worlds Away. I hope this was okay we included you in our "thankfulness".


Hilary Ward

meenal @ maison marigold said...

what stunning the swimsuits they wore back then..just added so much more to their allure and beauty..have a lovely long weekend, heather..xx meenal

Dear Polia said...

Beautiful Post! Capri is a magnificent place. I visited it several years ago; I think I'm due for another trip.

Allison Egan said...

So glam!! I especially love the first image with the red umbrellas! I heart Grace Kelly - timeless!
xo Allison

Spicer + Bank

Merissa Cherie said...

These photos are beautiful and inspiring! What a gorgeous selection!

Have a great weekend!

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

WONDERFUL images !

Have a super week.

helen tilston said...

Thanks for transporting me to the beach. Like your reader meenal@ maison marigold and the enchanted home said, those were beautiful times and the fashion was so classically beautiful and sexy too.
Indian Rocks Beach Florida is truly special and one can be away from it all.

laughingsalmon said...

Summer as a beautiful dream...And I still hold my breath when I come across an image of Grace Kelly...Perfection

Anna said...

Thanks for curating this fabulous collection of images -- I want to live inside this post! What a perfect portal to summer.

Kathy said...

beautiful post..I'm dreaming of sunshine!

The English Teacher said...

Oh that red-and-white striped 1950s suit!! My oh my. Not too subtle, was it?
Personally, I'd like one of those tanned surfer dudes holding the boards in the photo. :)

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style said...

a little bit vintage with the beach your are talking my language so glad you posted it.

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