Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Le Labo: Santal 33

I have been wearing Santal 26 from Le Labo for almost two years now and still love it.  I have never had more people, both men and women, ask me what I'm wearing and tell me that I smell good.  As an interior designer, I get a kick out of telling that it's technically a room spray. Apparently, I wasn't the only one wearing this unique scent because they have just come out with the perfume version, Santal 33.  I am glad I was to test the new fragrance before my cold left me unable to breathe or smell.  It seems a bit spicier and a little more masculine which seems fitting since the description mentions the Marlboro Man.  My bottle of Santal 26 is just about empty and I still haven't decided if I'll switch over yet.  There is something about the room spray as perfume that not only smells great but makes me smile!


BluBabesCreate said...

Mysterious secrets shared like that are always fun!

design elements said...

love, love Santal 26. it's timeless!

Michael Mattison said...

Funny you mention that Santal 26 is actually a room spray -- but that you still get compliments on it! I'd contemplated buying the "Essence of John Galliano" room spray by Diptyque, based on how brilliant the candle version is. I don't know how often guests have commented on that candle, but it's often enough to want a fragrance version of it!
Thanks for the Santal tip, btw -- sounds wonderful.
Take care,

John About Town said...

Le Labo fragrances are the best. I have a few, but Santal 26 is my favorite (love anything sandalwood) And yes, people ALWAYS ask what I'm wearing. Strangers have approached me at restaurants on more than one occasion! The 33 will have to be pretty special to make a convert out of me!

Pablo said...

Haha, awesome: you've personality wearing a perfume that's actually a home fragrance. I like it, I would do the same with some =).
Hope you get better soon!

nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

Now i'm intrigued, need to get a wiff of this stuff!

nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

Now I'm intrigued, need to get a wiff of this stuff!

Ron said...

You are wearing a home fragance!! How weird and how very SMART !! I have a few home fragances, I was tempted to wear on my person, but somehow was reluctant.... you have convinced me. I will do it.
You intriqued me with your story on your fav fragrance....I have just ordered a personalized bottle of Santal 26.
My current new fav home fragance is by Mizensir/Orchid-Chololat and also their fleur d'oranger . ( Swiss )
Well, I cannot wait to receive the Santal 26 and let you know what I think of it.
Ron ( empel collections)

Alice Olive said...

I like the sound of this. I also love the way certain scents get reactions from so many people. Definitely means it's right for you!

meenal @ maison marigold said...

your santal 26 sound wonderful..i must get my hands on it and while i am at it..on santal 33 as well!! thanks for sharing your secret heather..hope you are feeling better..have a lovely visit my blog when you have a would be lovely to have your opinion on the direction i am going in with my dining room..xx meenal

Karena said...

Oh sounds so good I will have to find it in our area or order it!! Thanks Heather!!

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