Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool Party

It's going to be 95 degrees today and 98 degrees tomorrow.  Needless to say, I'd rather be cooling off in a pool instead of running around to appointments in the steamy city.  Since I can't play hookey, I'm hoping that these pool pictures will help me think cool thoughts.  Except for the last one of course.  Enjoy!

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Elle Decor


Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Ralph Lauren


Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder

The Schifters

Elle Decor



Francois Halard

Kelly Wearstler

Elle Decor

Photo by Douglas Friedman

Photo by Patrick Demarchelier

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Photo by Douglas Friedman

Photo by Douglas Friedman


Elle Decor

Ashley Tisdale



makes me want to dive right in, these water holes are stunning!

great post,

Alice Olive said...

These are beautiful - perfect to diffuse the heat of today. said...

Thank you for making this hot Wednesday bareable with all these cool pool pics!

Karena said...

Temp is hot & muggy here as well I would love to be beside any of these fabulous pools!

Art by Karena

Slim Paley said...

ahhh....pass the Gin Fizz pitcher and a big Hermes pool towel :)

oksana said...

How I wish I had a pool. It would be such an amazing retreat.

Oksana from

Meta Musings said...

They are all gorgeous and dreamy pools!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i was JUST looking at pools like this - i'm SO upset i'm stuck in an office today and tomorrow - and Friday gonna be 90! - then weekend 70's BOO! ... i need to be AT the beach or by one of these pools and working on a TAN!

LINDA from OEKE said...

I love that 4th unknown pic .. and the Douglas Friedman pic with the blowup orca whale in it .. soooo perfect!

thanks also for that last image .. oh my (-:

Allison Egan said...

ahh! totally dreamy! I love the chic poolside style. Thanks for sharing!
xo Allison

Spicer + Bank

Wanderlust Woman said...

Sadly, it's hotter in Dubai but I'm headed back to JFK tomorrow. Fortunately, Fire Island awaits...

Style Maniac said...

Cool series ... like the hot ending.

I hear ya about a steamy city. Yesterday I felt like I was melting in the sidewalk ... can't imagine what today will be like. My summer city survival trick: I co-opt coverups and use them as streetwear. If you choose wisely no one can tell they are supposed to cover a bathing suit and you stay a lot cooler.

mary said...

Of course, there is another option: come to Los Angeles! It is going to be a cool 70* and sunny. Mary

natcalgal said...

Living in Los Angeles, the swimming pool is a luxury we treasure. What I love about most of these pools, is the green lawn that goes right up to the edge, adding a cool and refreshing invitation to dive right in. Fabulous!!

Kathy said...

I think I like the last

classiq said...

Amazing! A swimming pool sounds dreamy in this heat. :)

VICTORIA said...

Congratulations! I can only imagine how excited your are to your New apartment!there’s not much you can do about an obsession! I am amazed at how Your kitchen worked well’s cozy!Would Love to see more!

Paulette @ At Home in Arkansas magazine said...

Everyone seems to be on vacation this week except me! I'll be content sitting at my desk and looking at these pools. Could somebody pass a mint julep?

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