Saturday, September 17, 2011


"Fashion is the armor to survive
the reality of everyday life."

- Bill Cunningham

For those of you who live in New York, the documentary Bill Cunningham New York is now available On Demand on Time Warner Cable.  I highly recommend it.  The photo of Bill Cunningham chatting with Stan Herman outside the Ralph Lauren fashion show venue was taken by me.  Oh, and that other street style photographer is in it too.


Catherine M. said...

Love your blog!!!

Karena said...

Oh Heather a must. It has to be great! Thanks for the info.

Art by Karena

Si said...

Heather Clawson, I adore you!! You are always sharing something especial whit us!

Modern Country Lady said...

How very true !! Sadly I won't be able to tune in but I am sure it will be highly enjoyable.. so you're thinking of going into paparazzi photography , hehehe :-))

Sarah S. said...

What timing you had to get this great shot! So cool. One to frame (of the many you have to choose from).

Ellen said...

It's also available on Netflix streaming. I watched it the other day and really enjoyed it. What an amazing man. That same quote is the one that stuck in my mind.

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