Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn in New York

Autumn in new york
Why does it seem so inviting
Autumn in new york
It spells the thrill of first-nighting

Glittering crowds and shimmering clouds
In canyons of steel
They’re making me feel - I’m home

It’s autumn in new york
That brings the promise of new love
Autumn in new york
Is often mingled with pain

Dreamers with empty hands
They sigh for exotic lands

It’s autumn in new york
It’s good to live it again

Autumn in new york
The gleaming rooftops at sundown
Oh, autumn in new york
It lifts you up when you run down

Yes, jaded rou‚s and gay divorc‚es
Who lunch at the ritz
Will tell you that it’s divine

This autumn in new york
Transforms the slums into mayfair
Oh, autumn in new york
You’ll need no castles in spain

Yes, lovers that bless the dark
On the benches in central park
Greet autumn in new york
It’s good to live it again

- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Photo by Moi


Alice Olive said...

Definitely a beautiful time of year. Great photo!

Diane James Home said...

Love the song, love the photograph (from your window?), love the season!

mrschatelaine said...

Sucker for Autumn in New York as well! Almost as good as Autumn in Paris ;-)

xox Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris

Maria said...

beautiful photograph!

fancyfunction said...

Love the pic, the lyrics, bring on Autumn!

susan r. said...

love the photo and the lyrics, I just wish the new york weather would cooperate!

Britt @ Dreamy Spaces said...

Aww autumn in New York must be amazing! What a cool shot!

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

As much as I love summer, Autumn in New York is absolutely beautiful. xo

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

Wonderful post..can't wait to get back in a few weeks!! :)

Pablo said...

Very nice picture! Enjoy your Autumn in New York, lucky girl! =)

Jayne said...

Autumn anywhere! My favorite time of the year, but you sure captured New York!

laughingsalmon said...

I can hear the Divine Ella singing this wonderful song...

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

What a wonderful photo, I cannot wait to be there in two months! :) Love that song too!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

One word: Perfection!!

I love NYC. Great photo.

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