Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Magnificent Moroccan Mosque

After just one day in Morocco, I can see why so many designers and artists would be inspired by this beautiful country.  Most flights land in Casablanca so we took time to visit the famous Hassan II Mosque before driving to the Mazagan Beach Resort.  The patterns of the marble, tiles and metalwork could inspire me for years to come.  The Hassan II Mosque can accomodate 25,000 and is the second largest in the world after the one in Mecca.  It sits on the sea and the light plays beautifully off of the minaret.  We were not allowed to tour inside but I can only imagine even more amazing treasures are beyond its magnificent bronze doors.  

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic


ArchitectDesign™ said...

this is lovely! so glad you're posting while there :-)

Veils And Roses said...

I prayed here during Ramadan just a month ago! It's amazing!! Morroco is amazing! If you want to see real muslims... go to the Islamic world and explore , experience and be amazed! Don't watch CNN or FOX e.t.c ... those aren't muslims, they're paid CIA and FBI agents who are trained to make muslims look bad and give islam a bad image!

Rant over! I converted to Islam after living in Morroco and Saudi Arabia for a year! That's how beautiful Islamic culture is.

Peace & Love

Ann said...


Brillante Interiors said...

Great can post! As I said in a previous comment you'll also be stunned when you'll be in Marrakesh, immersed in the medina or drinking on a terrace overlooking the famous square where everything happens!

Purvi said...

You rightly said that many artists are inspired by this country... I for sure am inspired by all the wall art and I think I am going to design one of my wall art based on these pictures that I see.... Truly magnificent :)

Elizabeth said...

Sort of reminds me of Schumacher's "Rampura" in turquoise!

~ Elizabeth from Covet du Jour

Kevin Connetta (sometimes assisted by molto bene wife). said...

so stunning.
Don't you wonder who invented these patterns in the first place? What prompted the concept? How did it become popular?

art of living said...

amazing and gorgeous architecture!
enjoy your Marocco trip!

Claudia Juestel said...

Magnificent indeed! I have always been intrigued by the intricacy of Islamic design, and this mosque is a stunning example of it. Great photos too.



Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

This is just beautiful. Love Islamic architecture. I always thought that it lay the foundation to the modern movement in architecture.

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