Thursday, December 22, 2011

Habitually Chic Christmas

The most exciting about my new apartment is that it has room for a large Christmas tree.  Even better was that Green Valley Christmas Trees was kind enough to send me one. I haven't put up a tree in a few years and it was so much fun unpacking all my old ornaments.  I especially love the ones that I bought in an antiques shop on Gamla Stan in Stockholm.  I didn't create a color scheme because all my ornaments are meaningful and remind me of Christmases past.  

This little guy from Sweden isn't an ornament but I wired him to the tree. 

I love the little knit sweaters and mittens. 

I bought two boxes of vintage ornaments at the flea market this year. 

One box went on the tree and the other into an old silver bowl. 

My Amaryllis is finally blooming. 

This little Santa and tree also came from Sweden. 

I hung a wreath on my new resin antlers from Suzanne Kasler for Ballard

The Delft snowman and tree came from my parents many years ago.

Even my topiaries get into the holiday spirit with a simple red ribbon bow.  

All photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic


Diane James Home said...

Your tree and all of the special Christmasy touches are beautiful! I spent a good part of Sunday trying to get ours straight (finally tied it up to a ceiling beam!) and am seriously considering going faux next year. You'd think that being in the business, I would have ages ago but I so love the smell of fresh pine. Wishing you a very merry Christmas, Heather, and thank you for another year of wonderful posts. Cheers, Cynthia

Allison said...

Merry Christmas! There's nothing like pulling out your treasured ornaments and decorating your tree. Yours is beautiful! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your home with us this Christmas.

kp said...

So pretty Heather. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Chic Coles said...

Heather, I love all of your Christmas decorations! Our amaryllis is blooming too! Merry Christmas!

stuffiheart said...

love it all. I also love those roman shades (bamboo?) peeking out from behind your tree. Do you mind sharing where you found them?

camdesign said...

loving the vintage ornaments in the silver bowl... Happy Holidays!

The New Diplomat's Wife said...

gorgeous! (and I did not mean to also do a post on my christmas tree today as well ha ha!)

When can we see the rest of the apartment??

ArchitectDesign™ said...

It looks fabulous, dear! Merry Merry Christmas!

maria said...

I love your tree and mostly the little sweaters and the vintage ornaments in the bowl.
I wishe you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy Newyear.

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Looks beautiful. Merry Christmas to you!

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Heather--I love your tree......themed trees are great, but I love trees filled with memories. Your new apartment is looking great!! Have a wonderful New York Christmas. Mary

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

Lovely post and glad to see you are using vintage and ornaments with memories. A friend of mine said she threw out all her ornaments in order to make a theme tree. I was a bit not in agreement with that as I love the ornaments that have tradition with them. It is what Christmas is all about. Have a great holiday!!!

My Grandpa's Closet said...

So cute! love these! Can never get enough Christmas decorations :)

Check out a DIY on MGC this morning...we did an awesome Gold and Red hay wreath!

From the girls @

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

So festive- love the special details.

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Love your Christmas tree and all the decorating. These are the things that make it stylish and special, not "decorated." How lucky you are to have the delft pieces too. I really your blog.

Enjoy a Merry Christmas!

Splendid Market said...

Merry Christmas Heather! Your abode looks wonderful. My amarylis are amazing this year! xo ebh

Claudia Juestel said...

Love the old-fashioned Christmas decorations, wonderful reflections of the olden days.

Merry Christmas Heather!



Modern Country Lady said...

Merry Christmas Heather! How wonderful you can put a tree up - it makes it so festive. I love the cute little mittens and sweaters- so adorable!!

HRH The Duchess of State said...

Great decorations dahhling! particulary the evergreen topiary with the red bow!

Slim Paley said...

Merry Christmas Heather!!
Your apartment and tree look fantastic


bevy said...

I like it all! Much more personal!

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