Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inspiring Outfit

One sure fire way to be photographed by the street style photographers during fashion week is to wear color. Mr. Newton captured the inspiring outfit above in Milan for Harper's Bazaar and I love the combination of neutrals, aqua, orange, and purple.  It not only looks nice as an outfit but also in art and interiors. I think it just might be my inspiration for my outfits and my apartment this spring.   

Miles Redd in House Beautiful

Joan Mitchell

Miles Redd in House Beautiful

Henri Matisse

Miles Redd in House Beautiful

Helen Frankenthaler

David Collins in French AD


Elizabeth Peyton

Smythson Preview. Photo by moi. 

Massimo Vittali

Andre Derian



Valerie@DesignCaller said...

OK, I'm going to gush, because I loved this post: What an eye you have for trends and brilliant ideas! I learned something new about color combination. Shelter mags should pay attention.
ps-the Dorothy Parker quote is priceless

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Heather, I love the Miles Redd rooms --happiness and depth. Thanks. Mary

KScott said...

Hi Heather- thank you for such an amazing post on a chilly Sunday morning in CT!!! I just started painting again and I am totally inspired by your exquisite choices of color and composition. I so look forward to your daily posts...thank you for never disappointing.

Karena said...

Heather this is one of my favorite of your posts. Adore all of the fabulous works of art! Thank you!

The room with the tangerine curtains and then the next down with the tangerine pillows, both fabulous!

Art by Karena

Christa Pirl Interiors said...

Wow, these are awesome photos of a most wonderful color much new inspiration!

Kim said...

Hi Heather,
I don't often write, but just had to thank you for this fantastic post. Can't stop looking at the Miles Redd for House Beautiful photograph with purple sofa. It's a work of art! All the pictures and quotes are lovely and wonderful to wake up to on this dreary February morning in Vancouver:)

mauishopgirl said...

Love love love all of it, the mix of color. "The quietest people have the loudest minds" That's me...

Fashion-isha said...

Wow this is one heavenly post! I love all the gorgeous photos and inspirations! Have a lovely week!

Pieter said...

The Miles Redd 6 and Matisse 7 combo is genius. You have a fabulous eye!

Miss Margarita said...

love the first outfit

Sara @ ZaharaDessert said...

This is my favourite combination of colours in the world. They just look so amazing in this post

Lisa said...

Hello Heather
I would love an aqua Smythson agenda. Do you have one? Great post!

Meg said...

Brideshead, Miles Redd, Matisse... I'm happy!

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