Saturday, April 21, 2012

High Point Here I Come

I'm off to North Carolina to cover High Point Market and see what's new from my favorite exhibitors. I also look forward to catching up with all my friends and enjoying the wonderful Southern hospitality.  If you want to know what I'm up to in real time, you call follow me on twitter

Oh, I won't be flying private on this trip as the photo suggests but who knows what the future holds.  I like to dream big.

Later skaters.



Lisa Mende said...

I do hope that I run into you at market! That would be a treat! Safe travels!

Karena said...

Heather have a great time! be sure to take lots of photos for those of us who cannot be at High Point Market!

Yes I envision a private jet in your future! You go girl!

Art by Karena

MJH Design Arts said...

Maybe not "private"--but you definitely have the same aura. Have a great time. Mary

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