Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For Whom the Chair Tolls

I'm looking forward, as always, to the day when I have a big house with some outdoor space.  When I do, I am definitely buying some vintage Tolix chairs for around my table.  They were designed in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard who pioneered the process of galvanization in France.  The sturdy, stackable, and rustproof chair became popular in commercial offices as well as outdoor bistros and public parks.  As you can see from these images, they still work well in a multitude of spaces and are also available in colors and as stools.  As Martha might say, "they're a good thing." 

via Vogue

Anna Wintour residence via World of Interiors

Joan's on Third, Los Angeles, CA

via House Beautiful 

via Remodelista

via Elle Decor

via Vogue Living 

Prune, New York, NY

via Nuevo Estilo

via Nuevo Estilo

The Standard Biergarten, New York, NY

The Standard Biergarten, New York, NY

Windsor Smith's office. 

Top Image via Architectural Digest


Tricia Rose said...

The Tolix are winning me over - I like indestructible. I don't remember them as comfortable though!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

i love the fun colors they come in and that they're stackable!

Ann said...

I've always liked their industrial appeal. Very practical, can't argue with that! Thanks for sharing the various cousins in their habitats. :)

KSO said...

Great photos- I would love Trolix chairs on a fabulous outdoor day!

Anonymous said...

Love the way they look. We have some in a conference room at my office. Have to say some mornings though they are awfully chilly to sit on!

mary said...

Yep, the perfect chair--that yellow looks really yummy. thanks. Mary

Creative Tonic said...

Could you source them please... a high and a low?
Creative Tonic

Victoria said...

They are a little too simple for this fancy girl, but in the right setting they look wonderful. Love the images.

jvw home said...

great article....i have them in our dining room and love them...i featured them today here:

always enjoy your posts!

Maria at said...

OMG I LOVE this chairs:) so scandinavian style.
I follow you and I hope you will follow me back:)

have a great weekend.

LOVE Maria at

Nadia said...

Tolix is the manufacturer but I've only heard this chair referred to as the 'Marais Chair' named for the district in Paris where they became ubiquitous.

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