Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chic in New York: Carlos Souza

You would expect the apartment of the public relations guru to Valentino to be glamorous and you would be right. Brazilian born Carlos Souza lives in an unlikely neighborhood but the apartment itself is a jewel box filled with his travel treasures and eclectic art collection.  Refinery29 paid a visit recently and I'm loving the gallery wall in the bedroom and the extra tall interior doors.  Now that's chic!

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Bec said...

What is his "unusual neighborhood"? I'm dying to know!

Maria said...

I specially like his bedroom, nice use of space and i love the colors.

gp said...

The doors...well, there's just no need to speak.

Victoria said...

I cannot believe those doors. They look like 12 feet high. So elegant. I'll bet the doors sold him on the apartment, no matter what neighborhood it is in.

Sandeep Katwala said...

I specially like his floor tiles. Dragon tile is looking superb!!!

MJH Design Arts said...

I haven't met an un-chic Brazilian--Souza exceeds expectations. Just look at the height of those ceilings!!
Thanks. Mary

princedeligne said...

Carlos has always been Uber-Chic. He embodies that word like few can. Too bad the grand man himself, the last emperor Valentino Garavani has sinced retired. It's the end of an era indeed.

Karena said...

Carlos...what can one say, so superbly stylish; in both his personal attire and his furnishings/ art. The collections speak of a highly refined taste.

Art by Karena

Kecia said...

Amazing space! I love it! So many interesting things! And that snake rug...I need to see more of that!


JWF said...

Great space...and I love his shoes!

Dorothy Durbin said...

I love him and the space. What color is that paint? I love the citrus background. His velvet shoes are FAB!

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