Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oomph Table Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended and a winner has been chosen.  

We have lots of great giveaways coming up on Habitually Chic and today's has extra oomph!  Fabulous furniture maker Oomph has generously offered one lucky reader an Edgartown Side Table with Shelf. You even get to choose one of the 16 lacquer colors and between 8 different top options to make it uniquely your own.  It looks great as a living room side table or as a bedside table. It is made in the USA and retails for $1400 so this is a very special giveaway!

To enter for the Edgartown Side Table with Shelf, please leave a comment here with your name, email address, lacquer color and top selection.  You can just choose a lacquer top and not a different top option which you can see online. This giveaway is only open to readers in the United States due to shipping.  Only one entry per person is allowed.  Anyone who emails me or Oomph directly will be automatically disqualified.  You may enter until 11:59pm on Thursday, July 12, 2012.  A winner will be announced on Friday, July 13, 2012 which could be your lucky day!  Good Luck! 

Edgartown Side Table with Shelf as a bedside table. 

Choice of 16 Lacquer Colors.

Choice of eight top options. 


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deRaismes said...

deRaismes Combes
Orange/white lizard

Thank you!

Eligonma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy Grayson said...

Such a fabulous giveaway!

Nancy Grayson
Tricon Black lacquer
Gator top

Fingers crossed for a lucky Friday 13th!


Cathy said...

Count me in on this fab giveaway!
Would love the black lacquer with the linen top!

Cathy Showan

Eligonma said...

Great giveaway!
I like it in Dorian Grey with a Linen top.
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Thank you!

Ms. Cam said...

Wow! What a giveaway. I am on the move and would love to place the Edgartown side in Club Navy with Linen Top in my new bedroom!

Carol Ann
camacgregor at gmail dot com

athousandpeonies said...

gina chong
club navy / lizard white

Sassy said...

I've seen these tables in person and they're truly fabulous! My pick would be rainwashed lacquer with lizard tan top!

Sarah Sullivan

kikirenee said...

I adore this little table. This is a very special giveaway! I would choose white with tan lizard top.

Connie McGehee

Rebecca Reynolds said...

I LOVE the classic lines of this table and the simplicity of the design. Very delicate and chic

I'd love one in fireworks with a linen top for my new beach house office as a side table to my comfy work chair
Im sooooo hoping to win !!!

Ryan N Reynolds

Brandy said...

Dorian Gray with Lizard white.

Brandy Austin
brandy_austin @

alexis said...

Very cool!

Alexis Grace
I love the Dorian Gray with the Lizard White top!

lauren w. said...

laurenRweiner [at] gmail [dot] come
I love the Dorian Gray color but I'm not sure what top....maybe lizard white?
Also loving sea green with linen top.

Marcella Framondi said...

Would love the Club Navy table and Lizard White Top
Marcella Framondi

Tricia Rose said...

Rainwashed with lizard tan - river colors! What fun!

Marcella Framondi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lae said...

Lizard White

Thank you!

almondeyes said...

Tanuja Shetty
Bolero + gator


Thirlby said...

Creme lacquer with lizard tan top


almila [dot] kakinc [at] gmail [dot] com

E said...

Erika Baker
I LOVE the Club Navy w/Natural Raffia

Soooo cute!!!!

TiAnna said...

TiAnna Tobin
Tricon Black Lacquer with Gator Top

friendandfaux said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren Fraley said...

These are gorgeous! Wish I was adventurous enough for the coral in the photo, but I'd go for white with the white lizard top.

Email:laurenfraley (at) google (dot) com
Shipping: 1600 amphitheatre parkway mountain view, ca 94043

What a great giveaway!

HipWaldorf said...

I love the Tricorn Black with Painted Raffia.

Stephanie Brooks

Thank you!

Brion R. Judge said...

Brion R. Judge

What a wonderful little table. I believe my favourite combination is the Tricon Black with Natural Raffia.

hannahkp said...

Awesome! Love your blog!!
Hannah Peterson

Would love the tricon black lacquer and linen top!

i.antigone said...

Oomph! Oh my, best giveaway ever; I love those tables. Ideal for me - Fireworks lacquer with a white lizard top. Go big or go home, right? ;)

Robyn Mizrach McClelland

Pansy said...

I LOVE the beautiful lacquer finish on the Tini II table I have sitting in my living room. I would like this table to be in Cream.

Blackandwhitenotebook said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate but I received a wacky error.
Emily Walt
Club navy with white lizard
So pretty!

mywong13 said...

Fabulous giveaway! So many wonderful combinations can be created. But my top choice is Dorian Grey with a White Lizard Top.

Mindy Wong
speedbump.atx (at) gmail (dot) com

Lyle Moosely said...

I absolutely LOVE these tables! I just graduated college and am attempting to furnish my first apartment and this would be amazing to have.

I think I would have to go with the Dorian Grey with the Lizard White top.

Thank you for an amazing giveaway!


Kjerstin said...

Navy and lizard white! Love it!

kjerstin(dot)erickson [at]

Unknown said...

Shagreen with the white washed raffia please.

Lyle Moosely said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shana said...

Amazing giveaway!!!

Shana Hattis
shanahattis at gmail dot com

I love the Turkish coffee with the linen top!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful addition to any room! Great for added pop! I would love the White Dove lacquer color with the Lizard White top! My name is Vanessa Cunningham. My email is

victoria said...

Vicki Rodeno

Navy and linen

Too Cute!!!!!

Jessie said...

I'd love it in Synergy with a Painted Raffia top. Thanks for this giveaway!

Jessie Hwang
jayceehwang at gmail dot com

briannelee said...

Brianne O'Neil

Club Navy/gator

turlie said...

Brian Holloman-Kincaid
knockout orange
lizard tan

turlie said...

Brian Holloman-Kincaid
Knockout Orange
Lizard Tan

friendandfaux said...

Oh, what fun!
Mine would be Rain Washed with a linen top.

debfaculak at gmail dot com

Kyle said...

Kyle Rattigan

What a spectacular giveaway!! If I was lucky enough to win, I think I would choose the Dorian Grey/Linen combination. These tables are chic and sophisticated.

"Satch" Graham said...

What a fun and beautiful table! This would look fantastic in my bedroom...

Susan Graham
Synergy lacquer and Lizard White top!

suburban prep said...

This is just so generous.
It is lovely in so many colors but I would pick the Club Navy with the Linen top.

Maureen Burns

msgb245 at gmail dot com

Camille Farias said...

Camille Farias
Rainwashed with Lizard White top

Robin said...

This versatile table is fantastic! I have just the place for a table in the FOOTHILLS color and LINEN top. Thank you!

Robin Chiavetta

Ashleigh said...

Most amazing giveaway! I love Oomph!

I'd love to have the table in Navy with a White Washed Raffia top. Adore!

Ashleigh {dot} Rader {at} Gmail

Meghan said...

mjchirpich at gmail dot com
I'd loooove the dorian grey color with white lizard top! :)

Tensy said...

Such a lovely table! I would love the white dove color with the lizard white top. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Martha Bond
Club Navy with Lizard White

sanctuaryhome said...

jamiecfoley at gmail dot com

I'd pick fireworks with lizard brown.

Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

I would get either dove white or tricon black with the natural rafia top!

Thanks for a great giveaway and I love your blog!

Heather said...

Heather Cammarata-Seale
hcammarata @
tricorn black

kacky said...

LOVE! My choice would be the Turkish Coffee with the Gator top.
Katherine Cain

AnnieMac said...

I love the cream with natural raffia. My email is:


Kim Kelly said...

Visiting NAnatucket for st time- can put my trip keepsakes on it
Rain Water and Linen

Kim Kelly

HIlary Von Rohr said...

We are re-doing our living room to accommodate a piano and to make it a place where the kids will want to practice :) This will be a perfect place for me to put my wine during their impromptu concerts. I love the foothills with lizard tan. Fondly, Hilary

Lauren Marguerite said...

Absolutely love the table and will definitely check out Oomp. Since I am in a perpetual pink mood these days...Eros pink with lizard white.

Lauren Griffin

Anne said...

I'm a big fan of Oomph and HC!
Anne Weaver
anneweaverinteriors(at)gmail(dot) com
hinting blue with brown lizard

HIlary Von Rohr said...

We are re-doing our living room to accommodate a piano and to make it a place where our kids will want to practice. The foothills with lizard white would be the perfect place for me to rest my wine during their impromptu concerts. Fondly, Hilary

Raiana S @ lifeSTYLE said...

I am a Canadian reader, but have a US mailing address it could be shipped to! I am hoping this means I can enter :)

I would love the black lacquer with white lizard top.

Camille Wilson said...

Fingers Crossed!
May Wilson
Tricon Black with a White Washed Rafia
Can't wait for the 13th.

Christine said...
club navy/ lizard white

So chic!

Whits said...

What an amazing giveaway!

Whitney Lau

club navy / lizard white

kimme crew said...

Oh my oh my! I would love to win the Fireworks table with the linen top. I hope I'm the lucky one. Thank you, Heather and oomph
Deborah Dixson

Willow's Quiet Corner said...

WOW! ! ! 8D What a generous give-a-way! Such a cute table! Love the White Dove with the White Painted Raffia! But those bright colors are very, very tempting! ! ! :) Thanks for this opportunity, Heather and Oomph! :D

Caroline said...

Caroline Chisholm
Turkish Coffee with Lizard brown

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

Always fun to see one of my favorite businesses collaborate with one of my favorite blogs — bravo! I would love the navy lacquer :)


Unknown said...

Caitlin A. Hill

Turkish Coffee with Gator Top -- Love OOMPH!!


Joseph Baron said...

I would love Rainwashed with painted raffia top!!

Sarah baron

kellyroo said...

What a fantastic giveaway! I would love it in the Club Navy finish with a lacquer top.

Thanks so much,

Kelly Cummins

Kelly said...

Wow! Great giveaway!
Eros pink/lizard said...

Cindy Goodson
Knockout Orange and Linen

Patrick said...

I would love to have the table in White Dove with Linen for my new baby boy or baby girl's nursery!


Kim Last said...

Love this table! My pick is Foothills with lizard white!


Linda in AZ * said...

*** Oh, Y*E*S! True LOVE spoken here!!!

The RAIN WASHED (a soft blue) with linen would TICKLE M*Y fancy!!! (And 12 July's my BD!)...

THANKS~ What a FABULOUS, most GENEROUS giveaway!!!

Linda in AZ *

Katie Nichols said...

Amazing giveaway!!!

My pick would be creme with a lizard white surface.

Katie Nichols

Katie Nichols said...

Amazing giveaway!!

My pick would be the creme with a lizard white surface.

Katie Nichols

Sarah said...

Gorgeous table! I'd choose Foothills with Lizard tan top. Thanks!
Sarah Yost

Lindsey said...

Such a cute table!
Lindsey Fondren
Rain washed with lizard white

Kat Tanita (With Love From, Kat) said...

I would DIE to win this! Oomph makes the most amazing tables.

Kat Tanita

Dorian Grey lacquer with Lizard White please :)

Thank you!

Maryellen said...

Maryellen Stewart
White dove with white washed rafia

Marlene Clark said...

Wow! This would look great in my little beachside bungalow!

Marlene Clark
Eros pink
white lizard top

bb said...

Dorian gray with Lizard brown please!
Ellen Lewis

abbey said...

Alex Toney
Black Lacquer
Raffia Top

Katie Rob said...

Katie Rob Ambrose
White Dove / Lizard White

Great giveaway - thank you!

The EJT said...

fingers crossed!

elizabeth toal
white dove/lizard white


gp said...

I L O V E when it's made in the USA. And, I gotta say I'm feeling the Foothills with the Lizard Brown...Good luck to everyone.

Sara said...

Great Giveaway!
Sara V.
Tricon Black with Lizard Tan top

Laura said...

Oops forgot my email...

jmm said...

J McMenamin
jmmcmenamin at gmail dot com

Rainwashed with linen top

Lady Spencer said...

Spencer Gregory
White with lizard white top. My apartment could use the help!
Lady Spencer

sweets said...

Jenny West I would seriously adore the table in Fireworks with the natural raffia top! Thank you!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

What a fabulous giveaway, Heather! Thanks to you and Oomph! I always look forward to seeing your blog posts each morning in my e-mail ... and this one is a special treat! I choose the White Dove with Lizard White, having just bought our new home and am yet to purchase furnishings, this would certainly be a lovely beginning! Thanks to both you and Oomph for this fabulous opportunity!

Illustrator Sandy M

jimmyjohn said...


Great looking table!
jim puskas

foot hills/lizard brown

Lauren said...

Eros Pink with a Lizard Tan top.

Alyssa said...

Redecorating my bedroom! Would love to pair Rain Washed with White Washed Raffia

Alyssa Ciranni

Karena said...

How can I resist the Fireworks with white Lizard! Adore Oomph and this table is a wow!

Karena Albert

Art by Karena

Nancy said...

Synergy with White LIard
Nancy Whalen

lizzieg said...

Love the Turkish Coffee! So rich it doesn't need anything for the top!

Alyssa said...

Redecorating my room! Would love to pair Rain Washed with White Washed Raffia!


Jenny D said...

Jennifer Douheret
Knockout Orange w/ Linen Top

Jean @ Flower Hill said...

This was a difficult choice for me! Love Oomph products! This table is amazing! Loving the dove white with linen top!


flowerhilldesign at gmail dot com

Morgan said...

Morgan Clark
Would love this in Hinting Blue with White Washed Raffia!

Rachael said...

Rachael Jenkins
Fireworks with linen top

eas said...

Elizabeth Sughrue

i would love fireworks red with lizard white top.

THank you!!

Amy Peterson said...

Would LOVE this table in Fireworks with a Lizard White Top!

My email is

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Erynn said...

LOVE THIS! Synergy with Gator top is the way to go! oh my oh my!

Edgar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren Brogdon said...

Laure n Brogdon
Rain Washed with Linen Top

classic • casual • home said...

Such a sweet table. I would love to have it in the Dorian Gray!

Reg said...

Regina fleming
White dove with lizard white
Thanks so much!!! This is a fabulous table.

nicole marie said...

I love this in the white dove with the brown lizard
Nicole Traum

Stack said...

Fabulous table!

Arline Field

White dove with Lizard white

Thank you!

Melissa said...

Beautiful table!

Melissa Portfolio
Lizard white

GL3005 said...

Bolero red with linen top, please

Thanks for the chance!

Greg Lawrence

barbara said...

Love the simplicity of this table!
White Dove/Painted Raffia would be perfect at our lake home! Thanks for the opportunity!

xoxorcs said...

Rosa Sua
White dove / lizard white

Clare said...

Clare M
Would love the synergy with white-washed rafia

Jean @ Flower Hill said...

White dove with linen


flowerhilldesign at gmail dot com

babs441 said...

Just moved in to my first apartment and I would love this table in my bedroom!

Barbara Barroso
Tricon Black Lacquer
Lizard White Top

betting_im_not said...

This would be PERFECT for our guest room!

Foothills with Lizard White. Yum.

Jess Ensminger

michele said...

ooh la la.

white dove/painted raffia
would make this mama's day.

micheleranard at aol dot com

what a fab giveaway!

Lisa said...

Lisa @ San Francisco

Tricon Black with Gator Top

g+m said...

Tasha Conti

natasha dot conti at gmail dot com

The Dorian Grey with the Rain Washed top.

Thanks for doing the giveaway. =)

Cherrow414 said...

Love the navy with linen!
Cher Moore

Margaret said...

White Dove Lacquer
Linen Top

Margaret Schwieder

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

So hard to choose. Black with a gator top would awesome.

Sally said...

Beautiful! I would love it in synergy with the lacquer top.


Fingers crossed!

Jennifer Lee said...

I'm so insane for this table...I painted my old bedroom furniture white lacquer and was in the process of decorating when I got laid off a year ago, so, ugh, this would just be brilliant in my bedroom or living room...My fav is Eros Pink with white lizard top..thank you for even letting us give it a shot!!

Unknown said...

I would love the Knockout orange with a gator top.

OliviaKyle said...

White dove with lizard white!

Unknown said...

Eileen says; I love the the Edgartown side w/shelf white. Such a wonderful giveaway!!!!! Would love to win!! It's been awhile. My e mail address is rogerandeileen@

Lawwalker said...

Knockout orange
Tan lizard top

This table matches with all styles!

Ann Walker

Interiors said...

I would love white dove with lizard tan
Good luck to me!

Alyssa Maple-Brown said...


Rain Washed/Painted Raffia
Alyssa Maple-Brown

Laura Hancock said...

Laura Hancock
Knockout Orange
Lizard White Top

Laura Hancock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Heather,
What a fantastic give-away!
Tricon Black w/ Natural Raffia
Thank you, Mary

Unknown said...

This table will give my sons room that extra ingredient (oomph) to make his room perfect! Thanks for considering!
Bridget Russo
Club navy/linen

Veronica said...

White dove with lizard white-- but love all of them so if had a choice would trust that any would work.
great site, thank you for introducing me to it.

Marja said...

Lovely! My druthers would be Dorian Grey with Lizard White.

Marja Moyer

Panda Ebling said...

Panda Ebling
Dorian Gray / Lizard White

Michelle K. said...

Hello! Great giveaway, and GREAT blog too! I would love the table in Turkish Coffee with a Gator top!

Michelle Kennedy said...

This table would look fab in our sunrrom. I would pick the white laquer with the white washed raffia.

Taylor Presson
927 Ideal Way
Charlotte, NC 28203

lynn said...

I love the white dove with the lizard top. Great giveaway, thanks!

Lynn in NC

judith said...

Love it! I would choose the shagreen all over finish color!
And would use it in my bedroom as a bedside table , it would certainly add some oomph to the room!

Judith Gries

Unknown said...

I am swooning over the parakeet table!
It would complete the last pop
of color in my mid-century
blues living room. I am in love!

Shelly said...

Shelly Dozier-Mckee
Bolero with a linen top please!


Yum....white dove with painted raffia...fingers crossed:)

Unknown said...

I am swooning over the parakeet table
with linen top! It will complete the
last pop of color in my mid century
blues living room. I am in love!

laurie said...

Lovely! Fireworks with the linen top. Thank you for the opportunity.

Carolyn said...

Carolyn Miller Dorian Gray/Whitewashed raffia Thank you for this opportunity

0ceeb7e4-c8f3-11e1-8940-000bcdcb5194 said...

How fun!

White dove with linen top...

Fingers crossed...

Kirby Goff

Caitlin Murphy said...

Club navy lacquer with lizard white.

Great giveaway!

Caitlin Murphy

Kim Bost said...

L*O*V*E...................... : )

Kimberly Bost

Hinting Blue w/ Gator top.
FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs ~

Katherine said...

How generous! If I should win, I would love creme with linen. Thank you

Natalya Lamb said...

I love it in the Parakeet with the Natural Raffia top-- thank you!

Natalya Lamb

the whole package said...

Kimberly Carter
Cream lacquer only

Unknown said...

Would love rainwashed with lizard white

Victoria said...

Beautiful! I would choose:
Shagreen/lizard tan top.

Victoria Athens

l said...

fab giveaway merci

club navy with painted raffia

GIna said...

Tricon Black with the White Washed Raffia would look awesome.

Gina Gardner

Liz Carroll Interiors said...

What an amazing giveaway Heather!

White dove lacquer and lizard tan top would be beautiful! If I won, I'd have to spring to buy a second one....perfect new nightstands for my bedroom!

Liz Carroll

Sally said...

Sally Mathews

What a yummy giveaway!
There are so many choices, but the Tricon Black Lacquer with Gator Top is so sophisticated!

Thank you!!

KT said...

Karen Teears

Creme lacquer with lizard tan top

Terri said...

I love these tables!

Foothills with linen top.

Pamma said...

Pamela Manes
lacquer top, fireworks
Would be great to get!

tcroker said...

I love your site and I Love this giveaway!

Foothills with a white washed raffia top.
Tara Croker
111 Melrose Drive
New Rochelle, NY 10804
Happy Summer!

Linda said...

I choose the black topcoat with the lizard brown top. What an incredible giveaway. Thank you.

Bryant Park Designs said...

My FAVORITE line!!

Becky Tellefsen
Club Navy/Linen

Fingers crossed!!

eoys said...


must have it! all BOLERO is my choice.

MLawnyc said...

I would luv to win the Dorian gray with white lizard.
Great side table!

Great Graphics said...

LOVE them all- and honestly cannot decide- so I would take any of the following colors-bolero, eros pink, fireworks, knockout orange, parakeet or synergy- with lizard white top- sorry I just can't pick one color- they are all FABULOUS!!! Thanks so much for such a GREAT giveaway!!!!!

Canecrazy said...

Thanks so much for the chance! What a great table! For me,it would have to be Bolero w/ the natural raffia top.

KWM said...

great giveaway from two of my favs!!
Kristin McCluthchy
Synergy w/ Natural Raffia

jmjfriend said...

This table has soooo much oooomph!!!!!

Please, I prefer:

Synergy Lacquer

Lizard White Top

Thank you so much!!!

design22 said...

What a cute table! Can be Country, transitional, modern (because of the fun colors). Super-cute!

Kelley Sparks said...

All great color options!
turkish coffee, gator top

njd81459 said...

Oomph is Oolala!!
Chantal Schwartz
Foothills with Lizard Brown top would look gorgeous on my winter white carpeting! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

Lindley Pless said...

Lindley Pless
White dove with painted white raffia top! Love!

Terran Sims said...

I love the color fireworks. I'd pick this color with a shelf top. How perfect for July! It would be perfect in my den and red is a great color in Virginia hunt country.

tonisart said...

What a terrific giveaway! I didn't know about this collection. I would love the side table in Turkish Coffee with the Gator Surface to use in my loft and would probably buy an additional one to use in the bedroom.
Thank you for the opportunity!

Sandra Pace said...

LOVE foothills with Lizard Tan.
Sandra Pace -

Robert Wolf said...

Beautiful table. Would love the Dorian Grey and Linen. Thank you.

rachel jones said...

What great looking tables! I would love the synergy with the lizard tan top for a pop of color in my guest bedroom :) thank you - Rachel Herbert

Katie Provosty said...

Absolutely Adore this table, would be perfect in the Dorian Gray with the White Lizard top. We just moved into our new home and I have been in desperate need of a bedside table, before our baby comes in Aug. Thanks so much for this Amazing giveway!!!
Katie Shrader Provosty

Jillian DePasse said...

Thanks Heather. Love your blog. That side table would be perfect by my sofa to keep my reading materials and a cup of tea.
Dove White + Lizard White
Judy Bonnaure

Sherri Blum, CID said...

Thanks for the opportunity! I would love Rain Washed with White Washed Raffia top.

Laura Bryant said...

Laura Bryant
White Dove laquer.
Thank you so much!

Pamela Sanders said...

Pamela Sanders
Fireworks/white washed linen

Laura Bryant said...

Laura Bryant
White Dove with Turkish Coffee top please.

Thank you so much!

Joanna said...

orange/lizard tan. Fingers crossed!

Elizabeth said...

What a cool side table,
Foothills with Linen top.
Elizabeth White

Beverly said...

Beverly Ross
eros pink/painted raffia

Thank you!

B in Sonoma said...

What a generous giveaway!
Kim Browning
Creme with a tan lizard top!
Fingers crossed!

Kelly said...

JKR3 (at) wowway (dot) com

Awesome table - my favorite is the Parakeet color with the lacquer top!

Stephanie said...

I love this table! We moved and a new side table is one of the may things on our list! I like sea Green with the white lizard top.

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