Monday, August 20, 2012

Chic in Montecito

You might remember that I visited Kendall Conrad's little shop in The Brentwood Country Mart on my last trip to LA.  Thanks to C magazine, you can now peek into her design studio and home in Montecito, California.  Just like her logo-free chic bags, accessories and jewelry, her home is pared down and neutral but definitely not boring. 

The design studio inspiration board and desk. 

I love the simple striped rug in the living room. 

A Picasso print sits a top the mantle. 

Kendall Conrad's father, artist Barnaby Conrad, drew the bullfighter here. 

Even the firewood perfectly coordinates with the neutral palette. 

Another Picasso print on a bookshelf. 

Many pieces were purchased at Dos Gallos including the round table in the library. 

The house is very near the beach so hence the seashells. 

More framed bullfighters in the entrance with beautiful terra cotta tile floors. 

Another site had a photo of Kendall in the kitchen and also an outdoor dining area below. 

I love the photo of one of Kendall's daughters below. Looks like chicness runs in the family!

Photos for C magazine by David Cameron


Karena said...

A beautifully layered and edited home. I love her style and panache!The artist gene runs through her veins!

Art by Karena

Natasha Simpson * said...

I am in love with everything about this house! It is perfection and so perfectly styled.

gp said...

Being an CA transplant I'm aware of the many "types" of Montecito. This is really lovely, Trad with a modern quiet palette and editing.

Apron Girl said...

I love the coziness of this cottage. I especially adore the outside eating area :)

Daryl Wark said...

Boy of boy I loved this post and you bringing KC into my world. What a stylish woman. Who wouldn't want a office as sleek as hers. Thank you Heather and thank you C Magazine.
Warm wishes from Brisbane.

Slim Paley said...

Love Kendall-my chic and gorgeous neighbour-she's The Best!!

en Pays basque said...

This was my all time favorite Heather. Kendall Conrad
is the epitome of chic. Discovered her thru you!
Love your blog...never post....I had to today!
Bonjour from France

en Pays basque said...

Loved this post. Kendall Conrad the epitome of chic...
such effortless style and elegance...she has real flair...
rare these days...
Thanks Heather! you are a star for introduciing me at the south west of France..not too far from

shiree segerstrom said...

I've enjoyed Kendall's pieces for years having subscribed to C since it's beginning. Thank you for the "unseen" pictures. Such a fresh style. Shiree'

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