Monday, November 12, 2012

Wrap It Up

I was excited to come across the name of a designer who was new to me yesterday.  Christian Astuguevieille has been the head of a fashion house, a perfumer, a sculptor, a painter, a craftsman, and a designer of jewelry and furniture. He works in a nineteenth century space in Paris that is “a world of dreams” that sprouts “from his hands and imagination of the artist.” He’s probably best know for his pieces wrapped in hemp rope that are both chic and surreal. Unfortunately, the photos of his cabinet of curiosities can't be enlarged but I think they'll still make you want to grab a length of rope and wrap something up. 

Photos found here


Christina said...

I love the rope. I see a DIY in my future. I especially love how he didn't neglect that narrow hallway. Even that has life and character.

Le living and co. said...

Interesting details. I feel like every piece in these rooms is unique and has a story to tell.

Beth Pearlman said...

Oh my, not only are his creations fabulous but how about those herringbone floors and the moldings, too? Gorgeous. I can only dream of having a Paris apartment...lovely images. See you in Chicago! Beth

La Dolfina said...

oh my gosh... you've got me in full swoon mode! Love everything about him!
Thank you for finding him :)

Alexa von Canisius said...

i adore the parisian apartments with the french doors and high windows.
love the stained glass as well.

Fashion-isha said...

I love when basic things are used for a higher chic!

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