Saturday, February 2, 2013

Invincible Spring

Once in the midst of a seemingly endless winter
I discovered within myself an invincible spring.” 

- Albert Camus 

The groundhog did not see its shadow this morning which means an early spring.  I sure hope that rodent is right because I don't know how many more 20 degree mornings I can take this winter.

Photo by me.


Allison Carra said...

What a beautiful photo to post on such a cold NY day. Thanks for the reminder, to hold on for Spring! Have a wonderful weekend. -Al

Karen said...

Second that! I really hope he's right too!

True, we don't have 20 degree mornings in LA but 45 degree mornings are no fun either. Come on spring!


Karen said...

P.S. that photo is definitely a beauty!

Julye said...

Love the spring !!

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Heather. Should have stayed in LA another week... we're in the 70's and sunny.

simplequietmodern said...

A great collection of furniture and art,especially the lighting fixtures. My favorite detail however is the raw foyer floor.

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