Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More Parisian Chic

I still have Paris on my mind so why not post a super chic flat by Studio Ko.  As you know, the only time I like clean lined contemporary furniture is when it's surrounded by fancy boiserie paneling. I also love that the upholstery picks up the color of the gilt mirrors.  Those giraffes are pretty chic too. 

Photos via Studio Ko and Elle Decoration UK


La Brocanteuse said...

I do like this apartment, the elegant quietness must be the best to come into after a day out on bustling vibrant streets of Paris! J'dore!

Slim Paley said...

LOVED this too. Trop chic!

Beth Pearlman said...

Seriously, shouldn't everyone live in Paris for a year before they die? It should be a requirement. A Parisian apartment with gorgeous moldings is my idea of paradise, a little slice of heaven. These images are fab! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day here in freezing Chicago!

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Heather, Even the interiors of those black pendant lamps are detailed in gold. Great design in an amazing space. Thanks.

simplequietmodern said...

That amazing juxtapostion can only happen in one of those beautiful Parisian spaces. The triple fixture is like a giant exclamation
point. Gorgeous.

Karen Albert said...

Heather, the gilt, gold, chandelier and gorgeous velvet complement the contemporary pieces so well!

All the Best,

Art by Karena said...

Who doesn't have Paris on their mind! Love the high ceilings and big glamorous doors.

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