Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beautiful Blue & White

I'll never forget the story that antiques dealer John Rosselli told me about how Babe Paley once said to him, "you know John, you can never be too rich or too think or own too much blue and white porcelain." While blue and white Chinese porcelain looks great year round, it has always been associated with summer for me. It looks perfect paired with lighter shades and seagrass rugs, both indoors and out. I regret passing up some beautiful blue and white pieces recently at the flea market and may have to start collecting it again.  The first place I am headed tomorrow though is down to Pearl River Mart to look for a planter for a tall topiary like I saw in the new AERIN store.  You can also find great pieces at William Wayne if you are looking to add more blue and white into your life. 

Photo of what I passed up last year at the flea market by me via instagram

Carolyne Roehm

Mary McDonald

Grant K. Gibson 

Markham Roberts

Carolyne Roehm

Better Homes & Gardens

Outtake of Michael Bastian's showroom from my book Creativity at Work.

Homes & Antiques

Michael Smith via Elle Decor

Another flea market find I passed out a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania.

Natalie Leeds Leventhal via Vaunte

Melanie Turner

Kelli Ford & Kirsten Fitzgibbons via Veranda

Mary McDonald

Tory Burch via Vogue

Martha Stewart Living

Mario Buatta 

Cathy Kincaid

Carolyne Roehm

John Rosselli

My instagram photo from Ralph Lauren Home.

via Elle Decor

via i suwannee


The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous post. I am an avid blue and white aficionado myself....it is so classic and gorgeous!

Jessica Orlowicz said...

I love blue and white when browns, and natural textures are thrown in!

nora said...

I too have this sickness. In addition to tons of classic blue-and-white pieces, I collect the Royal Derby Mikado bone china. It is exquisite and fine. It was designed after Puccini's Madame Butterfly opera. See an image of it here: https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQZmZ4Vl2N8qJIPLgRYY1eUAujyE5MYx4i8IBbTTaVRJs1cXdRE

Karen Albert said...

Heather I adore blue and white; there are at least a few pieces in every room of my home. It is simply a classic!Great images!

2013 Designers Series

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Serious eye candy... think I'll hit a flea market or two. ;)

designsecretsnj said...


Suze Yalof Schwartz said...

Hi Heather. I love this combination - My all time favorite is Chez Valentino Capri 1971 here is a link. http://dwellerswithoutdecorators.blogspot.com/2010/06/lets-talk-about-chintz.html

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a crazy room covered in blue and white would you ?
XO Suze

Rachel said...

I never get tired of the blue and white. The Spode Blue Italian are my dishes of eleven years and I still love them.

Ellie said...

I've been on such a blue and white kick too! There's a great One Kings Lane sale today of blue and white!


Peyton Simms said...

Loving this!! I am all about patterns right now and adding some tradition.


Handpicked by Ron and Chris said...

really a gorgeous and classic tandem that one never grows tired of!

MJH Design Arts said...

I used to be a blue & white "snob"-- disdaining every pieces that wasn't antique. Now I just love it all. Right now I'm favoring Japanese blue and white (or Arita) for it's flowing energy.
Happy 4th.

Democratic Vintage said...

And why not pair some of these beauties with gorgeous red flowers or napkins this holiday weekend?! Thanks for the inspiration.

BRASWELL said...

Guess their are a lot of us who can't get enough blue + white. Love the images. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Hallie said...

Finally getting to email and I find this beautiful treat - so refreshing and lovely - thank you!

vkonnect said...

loved it!

The Office Stylist said...

Love this post. The Mary McDonald picture is so serene and calming looking.

jennifer smith said...

So many wonderful rooms. I especially love the Melanie Turner and Mary McDonald pictures, such a great idea to add blue and white to outdoor settings. I think I need to try that with a few of my garden seats.
If you love it, you should look at Tinas selection at The Enchanted Home, she has one of the best blue and white collections I have found. I bought a jar at Pearl River Mart but the blue was really off so I ended up not using it. I also have found things believe it or not at Overstock, they may not be the highest quality but great value. Like garden seats for 150!

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