Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heavenly in the Hamptons

I'm packing my bag and getting ready for a weekend getaway in the Hamptons.  I always feel bad that the Hamptons gets such a bad rap. Granted the traffic is hideous and the party scene can be is a bit ridiculous but it's the closest place we harried New Yorkers have to unwind.  No wonder a client of Thomas Pheasant wanted this idyllic shingled cottage in Southampton the moment she saw the exterior.  The interior was another story.  It was designed with soothing neutrals that let the garden and exterior be the star.  I feel relaxed just looking at it. Ahhh.

Photos by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda


always chic said...

Have a wonderful and relaxing
time..looking forward to your
Hampton posts! Bon Weekend.

The enchanted home said...

One of my all time favorite homes..he totally knocked it out of the park with this one!

I will be out in East Hampton..and cannot wait to plop myself on the beach and not move a muscle the entire weekend! (well maybe to pick up a drink or munch on something)!


Kate said...

Enjoy! I live in Chicago, but since my sister moved to Brooklyn I've discovered that the week is a great time to enjoy the Hamptons. No scene, smaller crowds, less traffic, perfection. :)

Karen Albert said...

Love the outdoor terrace looking onto the pool! Have a great weekend!! We will have to have a girls getaway soon!

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Kimberly Schlegel Whitman said...

Beautiful! So fresh and pretty.

Unknown said...

YES! so beautiful, and there are amazing details - like the plaster frieze of dogwood and leaves on the dining room ceiling, and the plater lattice work on dining room walls. Interviewing Thomas Pheasant is a pleasure, as was writing this piece for Veranda. Thanks, Heather!

Mary Middleton Design said...

Sigh.... how heavenly especially as its lashing down outside (here in Brighton, England) and I'm thinking of balmy days.

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