Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chic Hotel: Château de la Bourdaisière

I thought about titling this post The Deyrolle Hotel but thought it might be a little confusing.  The Château de la Bourdaisière hotel is however owned by Prince Louis Albert de Broglie, the man who resuscitated Deyrolle in Paris twice. Once in 2001, when he bought it and again in 2008 after a fire ravaged most of the shop and its contents. He's also an avid gardener which is why I now realize the Le Prince Jardinier shop is on the main floor of Deyrolle. The entire story is told in the WSJ magazine where a few of these photos originated.  The rest are from the beautiful website for the Château de la Bourdaisière in the Loire Valley that was turned into a three-star hotel by the Prince and his brother. The chateau and surrounding gardens are so romantic and beautiful that it's moved Château de la Bourdaisière to the top of my must visit list.  Now, I just need someone to come along and drive the French rental car. 

Photos by Beatriz da Costa and via Château de la Bourdaisière


The enchanted home said...

Just takes you to another era....fabulous!

therelishedroost said...

Beyond amazing!!

Must Bring Buns said...

Spectacular! I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be in person! The manicured gardens and charming guest rooms are reason enough to visit! XO, Bren

deedee_lockard said...

My husband and I spent the first part of our honeymoon there! In the off season, so the gorgeous gardens were in full bloom, but that did mean we had the place practically to ourselves. Really a great place, and the Vouvray wines from Loire are wonderful as well!

Fashion-isha said...

Ok, you had me at that blue room! What a gorgeous place!

LCanemone said...

I was invited by the a French a Trade commission to an event there five years ago. The gardens were beautiful, and I had never seen so many varieties of heirloom tomatoes! The moat is lush with large sculpted plantings. Montlouis is about a 40 minute drive from the town of Tours in the Loire Valley. Thanks for the link to the WSJ article. I did know much of the chateau's history.

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