Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Resort Ready

Fingers crossed that Jet Blue is back up and running for my flight to the Dominican Republic this morning. After dealing the the "polar vortex" of single digit temperatures in New York, 80 degrees is going to feel like a dream. I'll be meeting up with my friend Abigail at her family's resort Hotel La Catalina and can't wait to hit the beach. You can follow all the fun in the sun on instagram and twitter

Later skaters! 

All images via tumblr


Katerina Kosta said...

Lucky you! Enjoy!!!

AAJorg said...

Love this! See you soon Heather! We warmly (pun intended) await your arrival! xx

AAJorg said...

Love this! See you soon Heather! We warmly (pun intended) await your arrival! xx

always chic said...

Have a safe and well-deserved
vacation..Will you be posting
your "get-away" wardrobe?

Slim Paley said...

That first image is one of my all time favorites EVER.
It's a perfect photo; The colours, the dappled light from the palm frond, his Talented Mr. Ripley louche insouciant attitude towards the gorgeous half-naked woman beside him…it's a novella.

Bon Voyage Heather! May your holiday be filled with sun, sand & intrigue! :-)


Ivy Lane said...

Enjoy! We are slowing thawing now! 12 degrees!!! woo hoo!


Miss Sophisticate said...

I live in L.A., where it's felt like summer never ended, but even this blog post made me want to dig my toes into tropical white sand and turquoise waters!

Karena Albert said...

Have a fabulous time Heather!
The Arts by Karena

Pam @ Cherish Toronto said...

Enjoy your vacation time, Heather!! So jealous that you'll be in the sun as I'm shivering in Toronto.

PS - Does anyone else think that Paul Newman looks just like Josh Lucas in that photo above?

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh lucky -enjoy!

Tiffany Jones Interiors said...

a warm weather vacation sounds heavenly! Each of these pictures is better than the last and puts me in a sunny mood! Enjoy your trip!

MJH Design Arts said...

OH, Paul! Have a wonderful vacation. The Dominican Republic is gorgeous.

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